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The AMA-UK is a professional trade association representing and advocating for the voice of American Roots music in the UK. Our membership comprises musicians, both from the UK and overseas, plus professionals from all sectors of the music industry, such as agents, promoters, venues, festivals, labels, distributors, retailers, management, touring, journalists, broadcasters and publicists.

We also welcome non-professional members in our new 'supporter' role, empowering Americana fans to actively support the music they love.


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What is Americana music?

Our big-sister organisation Americana Music Association in the USA describe the genre as incorporating elements of various American roots music styles resulting in a distinctive sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw.  The Milk Carton Kids wrote a parody song on this very subject for the Americana Honours & Awards in Nashville this year.

See the latest Official Americana Album Chart

The weekly chart is based on sales and is published by the Official Charts Company 


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We are a professional not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote Americana music in the UK. By joining the AMA-UK you are supporting an organisation that gives voice to a genre of music that otherwise would not be heard. Read more about the benefits of membership 

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2019 UK Americana Awards Winners

The UK Americana Awards 2019 were held on the 31st January at Hackney Empire, thanks to all our performers and guests for a wonderful evening, See all of the 2019 Winners HERE.  Special thanks to all our sponsors for making this event possible especially Southern Comfort,  see all sponsors HERE 

Photo credit James Mccauley

Graham Nash and Ethan Johns leading an all star lineup in the awards show finale, with the rightly fitting song, a lively rendition of Woody Guthrie's This land Is Our Land .  

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